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Technology & Communication

Malta has implemented the necessary regulatory framework, in order to comply with the directive requirements of the European Union and today the Maltese government has paved the way for a fully regulated and liberalized electronic communications industry.

Electronic Communications are mainly regulated by the Malta Communications Authority(MCA), as established by the Malta Communication Authority Act, Chapter 418 of the Laws of Malta.

The MCA is the statutory body responsible for the regulation of the electronic communications sector (telecommunications, radio communications and broadcasting transmission), e-commerce and the postal sector. More recently, the MCA became the responsible body for the implementation of national strategies and initiatives aimed at addressing the digital divide and proliferating the use of ICTs amongst private citizens and businesses.

As the national regulatory authority of the communications sector in Malta, the MCA not only regulates telecommunication services and networks, but also various other related aspects of electronic communications such as Internet governance.

The majority of national regulations that regulate the field of electronic communications emanate from the Electronic Communications (Regulation) Act, Chapter 399 of the Laws of Malta and its subsidiary legislation. Indeed these regulations apply to both public and non-public electronic communication networks and services.

Nonetheless, the field of electronic communications is also regulated by various other related regulations, such as those that derive from e-commerce law, consumer affairs law, and data protection law.

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