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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Litigation remains the most popular form of dispute resolution in Malta. GVTH boasts some of the most senior litigation lawyers in Malta. In fact, all the practitioners at GVTH are members of the local Bar and, therefore, competent to plead in all the Courts of Justice as well as in the various Tribunals set up under special laws.

The firm’s case load is principally composed of commercial disputes. The remainder is made up of suits for libel and slander, property, debt collection, family affairs, insurance and personal injury claims and breach of intellectual property rights. The firm also has extensive experience in Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), particularly in company and commercial matters.

Although the greater part of the suits handled by the firm are of a commercial nature, GVTH enjoys an enviable reputation as one of Malta’s leading litigation firms generally. Litigation is entered into in situations deemed absolutely appropriate since litigation is both lengthy and cumbersome.

While court litigation undoubtedly remains the most popular means of settling disputes locally, the advent of arbitration and ADR, together with the founding of the Malta Arbitration Centre, has provided a quicker and more expedient forum for the business community to settle its disputes. The firm’s members actively encourage its clients to take recourse with these informal channels of dispute settlement both locally and overseas, wherever appropriate. The firm has also represented clients before foreign arbitration centres, including London and Paris.

Debt collection is not only crucial to the individual, it plays a vital role in business. GVTH has a substantial case load in this area and represents several local enterprises in debt-collection suits. Although the majority of these cases are instituted before the Small Claims Tribunal, our practitioners are equally competent and experienced in all other Courts.

Following the successful handling of a great number of insurance claims, the firm enjoys a widely respected expertise in all matters relating to insurance law. These include vehicle collisions, personal injury claims, and large-scale shipping claims, amongst others. What’s more, our team of insurance and personal injury claims specialists are currently responsible for handling the affairs of three major insurance companies in Malta.