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Employment, Labour & Benefits

Undoubtedly, Malta’s value lies in its human resources. Malta has a labour force approaching 175,000 (NSO, Q1/2013), with services being the lifeblood of the economy. Consequently, the regulation of employment in Malta is of utmost importance. Moreover, since Malta joined the EU, employment legislation has become ever more complex and sophisticated. In addition to the employment and labour, regulation of related areas, such as industrial and trade union relations, occupational health and safety, contributory and non-contributory benefits, and private remuneration arrangements have become increasingly important, particularly for Malta’s international competitiveness. To this end, a number of grants and schemes have also been recently introduced to encourage employment and training. GVTH has a long tradition of handling employment matters, primarily acting as legal counsel to various manufacturing and multi-national companies. We advise on a number of issues, from drafting and formulation of employment agreements and policies, to the application of EU Directives affecting employment issues. As a leading representing some of Malta’s largest corporations, GVTH has a wealth of knowledge, drawing on its expertise to deliver solutions in:

  • Collective Agreements
  • Industrial and Trade Union Relations
  • Employment Dispute Resolution and Disciplinary Actions
  • Subsidies Grants and Tax Credits for Employment and Training
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Collective Redundancies