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Aviation & Transportation

Malta has undergone a dramatic transformation in its transportation sector in recent years. All issues relating to transport, including maritime, aviation, and land transport, in or around Malta are controlled by the transport authority, recently re-branded as Transport Malta. Domestically, greater accessibility to the islands through the introduction of a network of new routes from airlines, low cost or otherwise, has allowed the Malta International Airport and indeed the tourism sector as a whole to registered record growth over the past few years. The Maltese government has also invested heavily into the, with 1,000 people already qualified and working in the growing industry. Legislative changes and fiscal incentives have been put into effect encouraging Malta to become a cost-effective and efficient centre for aircraft registration and finance, and the privitisation of Malta International Airport as well as heavy state investment in the aircraft maintenance industry as an added-value product, have contributed to Malta’s increased profile. Malta’s accession to the EU and favourable tax treatment ensures that it has become a destination for European and international clients alike. Malta is also a signatory to the Cape Town Convention on interests in aircraft, and has implemented a number of procedural law changes to account for the arrest of aircraft in Malta and recognition of aircraft mortgages and financing structures. The increased burden of EU regulations with regard to passenger rights, particularly after the 2010 eruptions of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull, has also added to the challenges of operating in tight economic times. Simultaneously, Malta has undergone a privatisation of the public transport sector. A major overhaul of the previously driver-owned regime has brought Malta’s bus operations in line with public procurement requirements, and also in line with stringent emissions and safety requirements. GVTH is one of Malta’s leading advisers on transportation issues, having been involved in a high profile international airline insolvency, as well as advising Malta’s national transport carrier through the tendering process and its ongoing contractual and statutory obligations. GVTH’s experienced team assists clients with:
  • Land Transport Regulatory Advice
  • Authorisation and Public Procurement
  • Aviation Registration and Finance
  • Aviation Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Asset Recovery and Enforcement of Security interests in Aviation