About us

Our distinguishing mark
Our distinguishing mark is our close and lasting client relationships, some of which still flourish after more than thirty years. This is the keynote of our legal practice at GVTH. It runs like a red thread through all our years of experience, helping us to expand the firm through its many client referrals. This is why we have grown from a family-run law firm in Malta into a leading practice based on the professionalism of our lawyers and the work we carry out for our clients.

A love of the profession
We see our firm and the way we look after our clients not so much as a business but more as a profession that holds dear the virtues of a customer-driven approach, a quality of personal service and a need to see the job through to a satisfactory conclusion. We are quietly passionate about our work, the advice we give and the results that we generate on our clients’ behalf.

Our values matter
Challenging and stimulating as our work may be, we never forget that, at heart, we are a traditional law firm that is based on the values of an ethical approach, hard work and professionalism. These are the values upon which the firm bases its solutions capability and value-added for its clients, irrespective of the nature or complexity of the work involved. 

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